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Meg Sahagian Braxton

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What is The Work BFF?

Are you struggling to find a day job that helps you pay the bills while also giving you the freedom you want as an artist? 

The Work BFF mission is to level the playing field by sharing how companies think so you can have the upper hand.

We want to empower you, whether a business owner or a job seeker, to control your destiny when it comes to work.

That is why The Work BFF exists. Through coaching and consulting, we want YOU to have the workplace you want.

Note from Meg!

When I entered the workforce in 2007, I didn’t know much about what I wanted to do or myself, for that matter. I took the first job that was offered to me. Then, the financial crisis of 2008 hit and I ended up unemployed in a recession. This wave of uncertainty in my first year out of school wasn't the dream but ultimately it ended up being my greatest gift.

While eating ramen noodles and crashing at my brother’s place, I took the time to get to know myself, my skills, and my needs. I became focused and intentional with my job search. When I applied to a job, I meant it! So luckily I was prepared when the dream job asked me to come in and interview. 

Landing a job in the Executive Office of the President of the United States during one of the most electrifying presidential terms in history is an experience that I'll treasure forever. While there, I honed my skills, networked, and realized that I had a fascination with joy and work. I'd ask anyone and everyone "are you happy?" and was fascinated by their replies. All this taught me where I was meant to shine: recruiting.

My first "dream job" was a gateway to the next and since 2013, I have helped employ over 1,000 job seekers globally in various industries. I love helping people navigate and discover their career happy place. I've also learned a lot working within various organizations. For the clients I work with, I provide strategic expertise in recruitment optimization, candidate experience, applicant tracking systems, DEI, innovative sourcing, early career development, and employer branding. 

In 2018, I realized that my own joy was wavering. So, I channeled my childhood dream of being a "star" and took a leap of faith into the entertainment industry. Within 6 months, I was featured on a Times Square billboard. A few months later, I jumped back into talent acquisition and realized that I didn't have to fit into this narrow mold of what a career should look like.                                                                                      

I gave myself permission to let the "dream job" evolve. I hope you trust that you can follow your joy, too. I believe we owe it to ourselves to live our lives fully. So, let me ask you….are you happy? Don’t be afraid of uncertainty. Let’s find your career happy place.

Landon Dunford

Meg Sahagian Braxton

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