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7 Days 7 Ways to Play is done for this year, but we do hope you join us next year! If you're interested in coaching, please click here. 






If you're interested in joining the community, click here!

What is 7 Days 7 Ways to play?

Eeek, it’s almost time for 7 Days 7 Ways to Play! If you haven’t signed up already for this FREE week long workshop, it’s not too late. ๐Ÿ™Œ

In this free workshop beginning December 25, we are going to explore 7 different ways to approach your scenes and monologues.

You can do this workshop at your own leisure. Everyday you’ll be emailed a different acting exercise every day, so work at your own pace ๐Ÿ™Œ

The first three days will be based in text analysis--let's build that structure!--and the last three days will be based in character development—let’s play on that structure! The last day will be self taping your final creation โค๏ธ
All participants get access to the Delta Acting Community for the month of December for FREE!

7 Days 7 Ways to Play!

Sign me up! I’d like to receive a week of acting exercises!

Our challenge is done for this year, but please come back next year!

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