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  • What are the ways I can work with you?
    There are several options!: -One on one coaching -Workshops -Group coaching, daily resources, and monthly networking events through Delta Acting Community Follow me on the IG @the_alexandrawright @the_deltacommunity Email me at Stalk me on IMDB
  • What does one on one coaching look like?
    I adore one on one coaching because it’s a real chance to get to know you, your goals, your habits, and your artistry. There are several ways that I coach one on one with clients: -Audition prep: this includes, if you like, me being a reader and coaching and taping with you at the same time. Or, we can just coach and you can tape later. Up to you! -Self Tape Audits: you send me 3-4 recent self tapes that you’re really proud of, and then, together, we watch them together. It’s a chance for me to see your choices and habits. We will stop and start, look at moments, point out beats, and break the scene down together. It's also a chance for us to chat about your set-up and your process. -Technique and Process Prep: this is when we get into the fun nitty gritty! What are the habits that keep popping up in your work? What are your blocks? Whether it’s a lack of understanding story, a lack of working moment to moment, or a lack of proper breathing, I got ya. We will come up with a personalized plan to help you close your gaps. Sometimes that looks like weekly taping assignments. Sometimes that looks like floor work. Sometimes that looks like deep dives into movement techniques and theories. But it will be tailor made for you and where you’re at. -Career Prep: Feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the walls and seeing what sticks? Or like you’re just spinning your wheels? Yall. You need a strategy. Typing, branding, building and maintaining industry relationships, headshot prep, reel creation, online presence–there’s a lot to cover, and I’m here to help guide you. Follow me on the IG @the_alexandrawright @the_deltacommunity Email me at Stalk me on IMDB
  • Why can’t we just do technique prep during my audition prep?
    I think this is an important distinction to make: the difference between acting coaching and audition coaching. 🎬 In my opinion, an audition coaching session is not the place to tear down your technique. Game day is not the day to teach you how to play football; but I can teach you how to win this particular game. 🙌 And yall! It can take time to find the coach that is right for you. Some people want to feel that they are being torn down. I personally don't work that way. 💓 I believe it is my job to CHALLENGE and NURTURE you--not ABUSE you. Artists and creatives do their best work when they feel SAFE. That doesn't mean I won't push you in your audition to do the best work you can possibly do, but there is a time and place to TEACH you how to act, and an audition coaching isn't that place. ✨ I want you to feel INSPIRED in your coaching sessions! I want you to leave feeling REJUVENATED! Because I promise you, that's when you do your BEST work. 🥰 And yall--the numbers are the proof. My clients book when they have fun. My clients book when they feel supported enough to take risks and make bold choices. The proof is in the yummy, delicious, pudding! 🤩 I'm here to support YOU! Reach out and let me know your goals. 🙌 Follow me on the IG @the_alexandrawright @the_deltacommunity Email me at Stalk me on IMDB
  • What kind of workshops do you lead?
    It varies from month to month! Past workshops have included: -Shit They Don’t Teach You in School: How to Navigate the Industry -Voice in Performance -Accessing your Emotional Well -How to Analyze Your Scripts and Find the Story -Shakespeare and Scansion -IPA and Dialects -Movement and Character Building I teach these on a rotating basis, so make sure you follow @the_deltacommunity on IG to stay up to date on what is being offered. AND! If you have an idea for a workshop, send it my way! I’m always happy to look over requests. Follow me on the IG @the_alexandrawright @the_deltacommunity Email me at Stalk me on IMDB
  • What is the Delta Acting Community?
    I’m so happy you asked :) You can find more information here, DELTA ACTING COMMUNITY, but it’s amazing. Seriously. And members get discounts for everything mentioned above. Love. Follow me on the IG @the_alexandrawright @the_deltacommunity Email me at Stalk me on IMDB
  • So how do I sign up to coach with you?
    Head over to the coaching page HERE to see my schedule and sign up for a slot! Follow me on the IG @the_alexandrawright @the_deltacommunity Email me at Stalk me on IMDB
  • What is your cancellation and rescheduling policy?
    Things come up! I get it. Just give me 24 hours :) Follow me on the IG @the_alexandrawright @the_deltacommunity Email me at Stalk me on IMDB
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