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My many years of training in academia and performance has helped me craft and curate different tools and techniques in helping business professionals succeed in their field. Whether you're in academia, law, business, medicine, or politics, a workshop can help you improve in communicating your thoughts and ideas, can strengthen your physical and vocal presence, and can support you and your business in your interpersonal and personal goals.

After meeting with you and your team and discussing your goals, I will build a workshop program to assist you in your needs. 

Previous workshop topics include:

  • Patsy Rodenburg's Second Circle

  • Vocal Power

  • Storytelling

  • Improv

  • Body Language

  • Emotional Availability 

  • Presence

  • Negotiation Tactics

I am now working with ACT of Communication in litigation consulting. More information can be found here.


20 Minutes

Private Coaching Session

30 Minutes

Private Coaching Session


45 Minutes

Private Coaching Session

1 Hour

Private Coaching Session

45/1 hour

1 Hour + 30 Minutes

Private Coaching Session

1 Hour/30 Min

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