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Want a taste of what it's like to work together first?

Self Tape Audits

You send me 3-4 recent self tapes that you’re really proud of, and then, we watch them together. It’s a chance for me to see your choices and habits. We will stop and start, look at moments, point out beats, and break the scene down together. It's also a chance for us to chat about your set-up and your process. 

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Special offer!

Train more! Save more!

If you want to coach more than once a month, save yourself some money and sign up for the Delta Acting Community so that you can access your 25% off discount. 

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10% off packages!

P.S If you want a time that is not listed, just reach out to me personally at

Note: for sessions outside normal coaching hours (M-F 9:00 AM-5:00 PM), there is an additional $15 off-hours charge


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30 Minutes

Private Coaching Session


45 Minutes

Private Coaching Session

1 Hour

Private Coaching Session

45/1 hour

1 Hour + 30 Minutes

Private Coaching Session

1 Hour/30 Min

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