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7 days is over for 2022 but come back next year!
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What is 7 Days 7 Ways to Sleigh?

Eeek, it’s almost time for 7 Days 7 Ways to Sleigh! If you haven’t signed up already for this FREE week long workshop, it’s not too late. 🙌

In this free workshop beginning December 18, we are going to explore 7 different ways to approach your scenes and monologues.

You can do this workshop at your own leisure. Everyday you’ll be emailed a different assignment, so work at your own pace 🙌

The first three days will be based in text analysis--let's build that structure!--and the last three days will be based in character development—let’s play on that structure! The last day will be self taping your final creation ❤️
All participants get access to the Delta Acting Community for the month of December for FREE!

Join 7 Days 7 Ways to Sleigh!

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