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Landon Dunford

Venmo: @Landon-Marshall-2

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, John Wayne ruled his family’s TV screens growing up. Then Steve McQueen took over. Landon realized early on that he wanted to be like his on screen heroes. However, in the south it’s only football; so, he took matters into his own hands, studying whatever books he could get his hands on. 

After leaving college two years later, he started his acting career with Caroline Locorriere at the Nashville Acting Studio. He studied Strasberg, Method, and later, Immersive. He has worked on numerous TV sets, including NASHVILLE, TURN, NEW GIRL, and BOULEVARD (alongside his hero, Robin Williams).

Now in LA,  Landon has studied with many teachers over the years, each taking a piece that he can use for his own technique. Landon believes that finding who you are is more important than finding a technique. You must find yourself. In order to seek, you must get lost. Follow your own path. Learning different skills from each journey and using your given talents. You must seek YOU in every character. Because, you ARE every character. You are unique. “The worlds a stage,” and you’re the hero.

Landon Dunford

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